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Datum: 18 juli 2006
Rubriek: Freeride/DH/4X

Paul B wint de Red Bull District Ride in Catania

district ridePaul Basagoitia heeft de Red Bull District Ride in Catania op zijn naam geschreven. In een spannende finale reed Paul Bas een alles of niets run. Het werd alles met o.a. een tailwhip van de shore-drop en een 360 tailwhip op de laatste dirt. Hij bleef hiermee Andreu Lacondeguy en Lance McDermott voor. In de nieuwe special zal een verslag van de Red Bull District Ride in Catania komen. Het persbericht vind je op de volgende pagina. 

Paul Basagoitia wins first Red Bull District Ride 2006 in Catania, Italy

On Sunday July 16th the finals of the first Red Bull District Ride were held in Catania, Italy. After a really hard qualifying on Sunday morning the following 10 riders reached the finals: Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP), Lance McDermott (UK), Paul Basagoitia (USA), Timo Pritzel (GER), Cameron Zink (USA) Cameron McCaul (USA), Carlo Dieckmann (GER), Darren Pokoj (AUS), Darren Berrecloth (CAN) and Niels Windfeldt (NOR).

It was really hot in Catania, the crowds were going off. They all wanted to see the world’s best freeriders.

The riders had 2 runs in the finals and the best one counted. Some of them tried to show everything they’ve got in their first run, but Paul Basagoitia (USA) gambled again like it you do when you come from Nevada. He put it all into his second run and threw down some really amazing tricks that haven’t been seen before.

Paul Bas impressed the jugdes especially with his tailwhip drop on the bottom of the stairway section, but that wasn’t enough: Paul cleaned up until the finish and stuck a 360-tailwhip over the last dirt jump. Wow! No one could beat that run!

Please check out the final results in the following:

1. Paul Basagoitia - USA
2. Andreu Lacondeguy - ESP
3. Lance McDermott - UK

4. Cameron McCaul - USA
5. Timo Pritzel - GER
6. Darren Pokoj - AUS
7. Niels Windfeldt - NOR
8. Carlo Dieckmann - GER
9. Darren Berrecloth - CAN
10. Cameron Zink - USA


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